Our customers have full right to know about the privacy policy provided by us. Hence we are providing you the information regarding the privacy policy that we follow.

Once you register with us you have to give us your personal information such as your name, mobile number, address, etc. But if you are not registered with us we are able to collect very little information which is your IP address. Though you must register with us to enjoy the advantages. If you are not registered then you won’t be able to get very much information from our site, unlike registered customers.

As we collect your personal information for our knowledge, we assure you that your personal info will never be disclosed to a third party. Information can be disclosed only if it is provided for a further procedure of your tour. These exceptions will be mentioned in the privacy policy.

If you are registered with us but you purchase our services for a third party, even then we will collect the information of the third party as well as per the requirements to confirm and complete the booking.

The information that we take from is helpful for both of us. We will be able to provide important news or information regarding your booking.

We do not sell or sell your personal information in any manner. Your information is completely safe and secure with us.

If you ask us to share your information with the third party, we will not be responsible for any mischief done by the third party. You and the third party will be responsible for the cause.

If you need to make some changes in the information provided by you to us, you can contact us on our website.

We have kept trained employees who will help in keeping your personal information safe with us.