Kindly read the terms and conditions of our website carefully:-

  • Payments will be done in advance so while booking a tour you will have to pay half of the amount or the total amount in advance as required.
  • Payments are preferred to be done online or through telebanking or also in cash if the manager allows you so.
  • Cancellation fees will be charged according to the time left in the commencement of the tour.
  • Kindly note, if there are any changes in the entrance fees, the price of fuel or the cost of the guide by the Indian Government, then the package amount will be increased even after the finalization of your tour.
  • The itinerary that we provide is just to give you an idea about the schedule of your trip. Do not consider it as the final schedule, there might be some changes made. As we have the right to change the itinerary whenever we want as per the requirements and convenience.
  • Our rates of hotels and Airlines or Railways are based upon the existing rates, whereas hotels and Airlines or Railways have the right to increase or the rates In such cases, we will also change the rates of our packages as per the changes made by other departments.
  • We are not be held responsible for any injury, damage or robbery caused during the tour. Though we will try our best to use precautions to prevent from such mischiefs.
  • We suggest our visitors to take insurance policies to recover from loss during accident, theft or sickness.