Auli Skiing Experience
Auli Skiing Experience

The small beautiful town located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand is a ski destination. This beautiful town Auli is famous all over India for being one of the best skiing destinations. Not only in India but it is also well known among the foreigners. Tourists from other countries as well visit Auli to experience the skiing. This place comes alive during winters when it is covered with snow all around. During winters Auli seems to look like covered with a white blanket of snow. Snow enhances the beauty of this place. And the snow covered steep slopes makes Auli an ideal destination for skiing. I can assure you that Auli skiing experience will the best experience of your life.

Snow covered trail of Auli

My Auli Skiing Experience

Now I would like to share Auli skiing experience with you all. I was suggested by my friend to visit Auli during winters, so, I went there in winters. When I arrived there, firstly I was stunned with the beauty of that place and then the locals welcomed us warmly. Locals usually speak Garhwali, but they also speak Hindi as well.

After resting for a day, we went to the skiing site. As we were new to this and have never tried skiing before, we had to appoint a trainer.Yes, you can find trainers to teach you skiing there. They provide different courses at various levels. These skiing courses are offered at beginner’s level, intermediate level and difficult level. I took lessons for skiing from the trainee. And when finally he finished teaching me how to ski I was all set to experience it on my own. On the last day of my training I was asked to do it alone without any help.

Wonderful experience

I can’t explain how amazing experience it was when I was sailing down through the slope crashing the cold winds. I had butterflies in my stomach while I was skiing down the snow covered trail. Maybe I’m not able to explain how I actually felt, because that feeling cannot be explained. I was in love with skiing for that moment. And I would love to do it more often. While skiing I could see the stunning views of Himalayan Range of the Garhwal region. I could also see some of the magnificent peaks of Himalayas. Trust me, nothing can beat this Auli skiing experience. I would further suggest my family members and friends to try this once. I know they are gonna love it. At the end all I can say is you must experience skiing in Auli. Then you will realize why is it famous as a skiing destination.

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