Haunted Places of Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is famous for its natural beauty of mountains and greenery. There are lots of places which attracts you. We live in 21 century, but somehow we hear the haunted stories. In Uttarakhand there are some spooky places about which we are going to about today, that would fascinate every ghostbuster.

So here is the list of those spooky places of Uttarakhand:

Lambi Dehar Mines

lambi dehar mines

The queen of the mountains is Mussoorie which is very beautiful. The Lambi Dehar Mine is situated in Mussoorie which is one of the spooky places in Uttarakhand. Many years ago in Lambi Dehar, there was a limestone in which more than 5000 workers died at a time due to some poisonous gaseous spread inside the mine. This had happened because of not following safety rules so it is being said that in this place some loud noises and screams shrieks after the sun sets behind the mighty Himalayas which sounds very spooky.

Champawat, LohaGhat

Loha Ghat is present in Champawat. There is a bungalow known as Abbey.  The people who live nearby this place say there are often some untoward incidents happened and this is because the place is cursed and spooky.

In past, it was a Hospital where there was a doctor who claimed that he can see the death of the people he can tell when where a particular person dies. Every person who came to the hospital, the doctor told him the time of death and According to the prophecy, those people died. But behind this prediction of the doctor, there was a secret hidden that was a special room was inside the hospital called ‘Mukti Kothari’. In the room, the death of the person decided by the doctor itself. People say that the doctor who was predicting the death of the people did not know anything about the death but he was killing the innocent people so there is the negative energy of the dead people around that hospital which scare the people who come nearby of this place.

Savoy Hotel in Mussoorie

No doubt, Mussoorie is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India, Along with being beautiful; there are some horror stories which you must know. The Savoy hotel in Mussoorie has some ghost stories too. This hotel is consist of 121 beautiful rooms and this hotel is considered as a wretched place because a British woman was killed mysteriously in this hotel after this mysterious death of the lady, the doctors who did post-mortem and the person who used to paint also killed on the same day so the people who were living nearby to this place say that the soul of the British woman wanders in the hotel to search the murderer of her. The owner of this hotel tried to sell this hotel may times but it could not work because of the spooky things.

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