Some Important Facts about Valley Of Flowers
some important facts about valley of flowers

There are some Important Facts about Valley of Flowers:

If you are planning to visit the beautiful Valley of Flowers, then you should never miss these interesting facts about this place before you go there, keep these points on your fingertips this will make your journey more relaxable and comfortable.

Road Condition

The condition of the roads from Joshimath to Govind Ghat is good but these places are highly risky in monsoon.

Clothing and Equipment

Pack up the pairs of shoes for trekking and keep light-jacket, raincoat and torch with you.

Cash and ATM

These are the rural areas so might be possible in some places card will not be accepted or ATM problem can be faced, so keep cash with you as much as you can.

Planning in advance

The timing of visit Valley of flowers should be pre-decided, you cannot visit here whenever you want because it is accessible only in few months of the year from mid-June to the month of  September because these are the monsoon seasons and the flowers bloom at its peak.

Distance Covered

The route of The Valley of flowers is full of the trek which means you have to be physically fit for trekking so before visiting these places, at home do exercise, running and increase your strength, this will make your journey easy and the trek is easy as compared to other treks in India.

There were some Important Facts about Valley of Flowers, which will make your journey to the beautiful, the elegant Valley of Flowers more easy and comfortable.

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