Yoga Capital Rishikesh Rishikesh is a holy district of the Devbhoomi i.e. Uttarakhand state which lies on the foothills of the Himalayas. Yoga Capital Rishikesh is considered as The Meditation Centre and is also famous for Adventure Sports. Rishikesh is also called the ‘Gateway’ to the Himalayas of the Garhwal region. Pilgrims from all across the country come here to meditate and attain higher knowledge. India is a place where heritage culture is given too much importance. Therefore, Hindus consider to visit this place and take a dip in the holy river of Ganga. So they can wash off their

Rishikesh is a city located in the Uttarakhand state of India. It is said to be the ‘Gateway’ to Himalayas of Garhwal region. Rishikesh is called the ‘Yoga Capital of the world’. There are a number of yoga and meditation classes available. It is also considered as the holiest and religious place in India. The holy River Ganga flows through Rishikesh. As being the holiest city non-vegetarian food and alcohol is strictly prohibited here. Rishikesh is not just a religious place but is also famous for many adventuress sports.  Sports like river rafting, rock climbing, para gliding, bungee jumping and