The Valley of  Flowers  National park is located 300km north of Rishikesh near Badrinath, In Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. The valley of Flowers is sparkling and the opulent and it is discovered in 1931. It is enclosed by the white peak which looks splendid. This National Park is ranked second among places to visit in the valley of flowers and it is the second core zone of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. There are a number of places to visit nearby Valley Of flowers. Nanda Devi National Park The Nanda Devi National Park is situated nearby Valley of Flowers and

  The beautiful north Indian state Uttarakhand is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the northern part of India.  Uttarakhand is basically famous for it’s cultural heritage and surroundings of the Himalayas. Uttarakhand is also famous for a wide of holy shrines belonging to the ancient times. Not only for nature, pilgrimage or heritage but it is also famous for some interesting adventure sports. Adventure sports like Skiing, Trekking, Paragliding, Bungee Jumping and many more. . And also one of the famous and most loved adventure sport is river rafting. Rafting in Uttarakhand will be an unforgettable and

Chardham Yatra Of Uttarakhand Uttarakhand is known for being the “Devbhoomi” which means ‘Land Of Gods’ because it has large number of holy pilgrimages. One of the most important and must visit destinations for Hindus is the Chardham Yatra. The Chota Chardham Yatra is located in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand . Indians are very particular about their religion and culture so they consider visiting temples as their primary duty. Hindus believe that one must visit the Chardham Yatra of Uttarakhand at least for one time in his or her entire life. And once they do then they can die

Uttarakhand is a stunning place which is best for adventure sports and tourist destinations. Uttarakhand due to pleasant weather in winters and with all the snow and hilly trails makes it an ideal destination for winter sports. Skiing in Uttarakhand is the most popular sport that is loved by adventure seekers. Tourism department conducts skiing competition just to encourage it and also increase the number of tourists in Uttarakhand. The large slopes of Uttarakhand and snowfall in the winters make it a suitable destination for skiing. People from all over the world different places in Uttarakhand to participate in skiing

Virgin Places Of Uttarakhand As you all know that Uttarakhand is a beautiful state which is enriched with the natural beauty of the Himalayan range and meadows.  But there are still many places which are less or hardly visited by tourists. I believe majority people might not know that those places even exists. These virgin places of Uttarakhand are beautiful gifts of nature that are remained not noticed and unexplored by the tourists. I would introduce you some of the virgin places existing in Uttarakhand that are really interesting and you would want to visit. Khirsu Khirsu is a small

Uttarakhand is a beautiful state that lies in the northern part of India. You must be aware of the natural beauty and weather of Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand is also famous for a large number of holy pilgrimage from the ancient times. This is why it is also known as ‘Devbhoomi’ which means ‘Land Of Gods’. Uttarakhand is famous not only for the ancient pilgrimages and nature but also for most popular trekking destinations. Trekking in Uttarakhand is always on the list of every trek lovers and adventure seekers. The Garhwal region of Uttarakhand has some amazing trek routes that are very

Uttarakhand is a beautiful state located in the Northern part of India. The name “Uttarakhand” is derived from Sanskrit  ‘Uttara’ means North and ‘khand’ means land. Uttarakhand Tourism is mostly famous because Uttarakhand has a large number of holy temples and shrines. It is also rich in wide diversity of flora and fauna. Uttarakhand Tourism is also famous because of the region’s beauty as it is surrounded by the high Himalayan peaks. It also has some famous national parks such as Jim Corbett National Park, Valley of Flowers National Park and Nanda Devi National Park. Uttarakhand is also a home