Top Adventures Sports in Uttrakhand

We all know Uttrakhand as “Dev Bhoomi” which means home of gods as there are many temples and holy places in this state which are situated in the north of India. Uttrakhand has a vast scope of the tour and traveling especially in Char Dham Yatra. But, apart from it, this state is emerging as adventures and trekking destination. Due to its weather and geographical location in the lap of Himalayas, there are many sports which are now being played here.

Now I will tell you about the top adventures sports which are played in Uttrakhand. Now here is the first one

1- Paragliding:


This is the first sport on the list, this is something which can surely thrill you. These moments will definitely be the best memories of your life especially for those who love to do something extra out of the box. You can experience the flying thrill that too without wings. Even if you don,t have much knowledge about paragliding you don,t need to worry as there is a special team of specialist which take care of the whole process and under whose guidance you will do the paragliding. In addition, all the safety precautions are taken so that no one gets any kind of harm during the play.

There are many places in Uttrakhand where this sport is played but the most famous places are Ranikhet and Mukteshwar.


2 – Skiing:


Now this is something which is surely the missing sport in India as the major need of this sport is mountain snow, as we know there are only a few places in India where we can find this thing, but Uttarakhand gifts you this huge opportunity to experience the natural beauty of nature without pressuring your pocket. You can find this spot in Auli. The best time to visit there is from November to February.


3 – Rafting:


As you know Uttrakhand is the state from where many rivers originate like holy Ganga, Yamuna and many more. There are dozens of rivers in Uttrakhand which are suitable for rafting. This sport has a huge craze among youngsters. The best suitable place for rafting in Uttrakhand is Rishikesh where you can raft on the holy Ganga. There you will get the special team for this sport who will guide you and make your adventure the best part of your life.


4- Bungee Jumping:

bungee jumping

Nothing increases your excitement and fear more than Bungee Jumping. This is the sport for every person who wants to experience the thrill at the highest peak. The best place for this is Rishikesh, where a specialist will take care of all the activities. Experience the thrill of jumping in the beautiful Himalayas is unforgettable.

These are among some of the best sports which can adventure and thrill you. You must do these things once in your lifetime which nature is offering you.

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