Why Should You Visit Auli
Why should you visit Auli

Auli is a small beautiful town located in the north Indian state Uttarakhand. It is also known as the skiing destination. As the adventuress steep slopes of Himalayas makes it an ideal place for skiing. During winters Auli is covered with snow and looks awfully stunning. This town lies on the laps of the Himalayan Range of Garhwal region. Every year thousands of tourists visit this place. Apart from being a ski destination, it is also a honeymoon destination. The weather and the surroundings of this place make it a romantic location. Thus, couples get attracted to this place to spend some quality time with loved ones. I will give you not just one but many reasons why should you visit Auli.

Reasons Why Should You Visit Auli –

360 Degree View of Himalayas

360 degree view of Himalayas
Once you arrive at Auli, the stunning views of the magnificent Himalayas will stay around you all the time. Auli itself is situated on a mountain; this also makes Auli a favourite tourist destination. Turn around on 360 degree angle, you will find the mountains of Himalayan Range in every direction. This place offers views of Mt. Trishul, Hathi Parvat, Mana Paravat, Nar Parvat, Nanda Devi, Kamet, Nilkath, Beethartoli, Ghori Parvat and Kamet. The breathtaking views of these peaks makes this place even more exciting and beautiful.

Stress Relief           

This is the most important reason why you should visit Auli. These days people are busy in their hectic day-to-day life. In this boring and stressful life one must take out some time for himself/herself. Visiting Auli can make you forget all the tension of your business, office or family. Far away from the busy world you will get to relax and have fun. You can hang out with your family or friends. This increases the connection and bond between you and your loved ones.

Snow Covered Region

The ideal time to visit this place is during winters. In winters along with other mountains of Himalayan Range, this place is covered with snow as well. The entire region is shed under the blanket of snow. During winters tourists are attracted to this place due to the snow fall and the beauty.

Skiing Experience

Skiing in Auli
Auli is a skiing destination of India. Skiers and tourists from all around the world visit this place to experience skiing. The long steep slopes of Himalayas makes this place an ideal destination for skiing. Various winter sports are also held every year to encourage tourism here. Skiing competition at international level are also conducted here. If you are interested in skiing you can also take lessons for that. There are various coaching centres to provide ski lessons to tourists.

Highest Man Made Lake

Artificial lake
Auli artificial lake is the world’s highest manmade lake. The main reason to construct this lake was to produce artificial snow during the summers. The artificial snow used to keep this place ideal for skiing even during the summers.

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